INIA HAUTE - Example Script #1.5: Hairy Girl


Share a personal story to illustrate the common struggle with excessive body hair, the social pressures associated with it, and the effective solution provided by INIA HAUTE's home laser hair removal device.


  • Close-up of the creator expressing frustration about her inherited trait of being hairy.
  • Shots of preparing the skin and setting up the INIA HAUTE device.
  • The creator using the device on different body parts, showing the ease of use.
  • Before-and-after visuals to highlight the effectiveness.


Script Components:

  • Introduction: "Ever since I was young, I've been unusually hairy, a trait I've always joked. But recently, that's changed."
  • Problem Identification: "Dealing with excessive body hair has always been a struggle, heightened by the constant social pressure to have smooth skin. Traditional methods like shaving and waxing were painful and only offered temporary relief."
  • Solution Demonstration: "I decided to try INIA HAUTE, an at-home laser hair removal device that's all over TikTok. It uses advanced sapphire cooling technology to ensure the process is pain-free, and it's equipped with a double pulse feature that effectively targets hair without damaging the skin."
  • Personal Testimony & Use Case: "I'm starting with the lowest intensity and gradually adjusting as needed. It's surprisingly easy to use, and I can treat different areas, including legs, bikini line, armpits, and even my face."
  • Call to Action: "If you're like me, tired of the constant hassle and looking for a lasting solution, check out INIA HAUTE. Click the link in the description to learn more and see how you can also get smooth, pain-free results at home."

Key Message:

  • "Handling body hair shouldn't be a constant battle. With INIA HAUTE, it's not only manageable but genuinely hassle-free. This device offers a permanent solution to frequent shavers and those dissatisfied with painful waxing results. Embrace the ease of home laser hair removal and say goodbye to old methods."


Example Videos:


Other Shooting Tips:

  • Pronunciations

INIA (/ˈɪniə/)       HAUTE(/oːt/, "oht")

  • Product Link

  • Hashtags 

Incorporate the following hashtags in your video captions:

#INIA #INIAhairemoval #hairremovaldevice #HairFreeSeasonINIA #summervibeINIA

  • Mentions

Ensure the inclusion of the  @inia_official mention to maximize visibility.

  • Skin/Hair Color Safety Chart

INIA HAUTE Selling Points for Your Reference

  • Ultra Sapphire Ice-Cooling Below 60°F:
  • Experience a refreshing icy sensation with INIA's advanced Sapphire Ice Cooling. While others offer 105°F or normal ice-cooling at 67°F, INIA maintains a cool 60°F for ultimate comfort. Guarding your skin against heat injury while delivering the ultimate in comfort and effectiveness.

    Example 1 for Sapphire Ice-Cooling: 1:44 on this video -

  • Double-Pulse, Twice the Effectiveness 
  • Every click of INIA HAUTE triggers a rapid one-two punch of energy. It's not just about heating your skin twice; it's a clever play on the different cooling speeds of your skin tissues and hair follicles.

    Picture your skin as a mix of various tissues, each with its unique cooling speed. Now, hair follicles take a bit more time to cool down. Here's where the magic happens – we swiftly heat up your skin and, at that precise moment, deliver a second burst of heat. It's like playing a strategic game of temperature tag.

    This meticulous process guarantees your skin stays safe while we dial up the heat on those follicles. We're talking about putting your hair follicles into a kind of early sleep mode. The outcome? A remarkable reduction in hair growth becomes visible in just 3 weeks. All of this is made possible by the potent 21J of energy from the INIA IPL IGBT chip, ensuring not just effectiveness but safety too.

  • Industry Record 5 Flashes per Second:
  • Say farewell to time-consuming hair removal. INIA HAUTE offers rapid 5 flashes per second technology with an Auto-Glide mode for effortless full-body treatment, minimizing missed spots. Choose from 5 intensity levels to tackle even the most stubborn hair.

  • Safe Use at Home:
  • INIA HAUTE undergoes rigorous testing and holds prestigious safety certifications, providing you with peace of mind as you enjoy salon-quality hair removal in the comfort of your own home.

  • Lifetime Flash Guarantee:
  • Receive free replacement handsets if you ever run out of flashes. Enjoy a 1-year warranty, extendable to 2 years upon registration, and free replacements provided within the warranty period.

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