INIA FLARE - Example Script #1.1 Pre-Launch Videos

Welcome to our exclusive pre-launch simplistism style script, specifically crafted for a select group of creators invited to collaborate on the upcoming launch of INIA FLARE.

Consider this script a foundational framework, offering you the flexibility to bring your own creative flair and adapt each segment to truly resonate with your audience. Tailor it to fit your unique style and the specific needs of those who follow you.

As part of this early access group, you'll also receive a 'How to Use' video tomorrow, which will further aid in your content creation process. If you decide to include a segment on proper usage, it's also welcomed!



  Hook Option #1 (Dramatic Reveal):


  Quick cut of the device turning on, illuminating the creator's face, revealing a glowing effect on one side.


  "Check this out — instant glow-up with just one swipe!"

  Hook Option #2 (Comparison Shot):


  Visuals of the creator half-facing the camera, showing one side treated with INIA FLARE.


  "Look at this transformation! One side of my face with INIA FLARE, and the other without. Can you see the difference?"

Part 1: The Context – Why Use a Beauty Device?


  Creator in everyday settings like a home office or living room, prepping for a video call or a selfie.


  "Whether it’s gearing up for a Zoom call or just wanting to look great for selfies, INIA FLARE helps me enhance my look effortlessly."

Part 2: Demonstration and Efficacy


  Creator applying INIA FLARE to one side of the face, without split-screen.


  "I’ve been using the LIFT mode on one side of my face. Just 10 minutes and it feels like a mini facelift!"

Part 3: Selling Points (Simplified)


  Close-up of the INIA FLARE device casually held in the creator's hand. Cut to the creator in a rush, quickly preparing for an unexpected video call.

  Dialogue Option #1

  "I'm obsessed with this device! So, last week, I got hit with a last-minute invite to guest on a popular live stream. No time for my usual prep, but I flipped on the LIFT mode on my INIA FLARE, and boom—10 minutes later, my face looked snatched and stream-ready. Total lifesaver!"

  Dialogue Option #2

  "I absolutely love this thing! Just last week, I had a last-minute video interview pop up. No time for a full makeup session, but the LIFT mode on this INIA FLARE reshaped my face and gave me a refreshed look in just 10 minutes. It seriously saved the day!"

Part 4: Effectiveness Showcasing


  Smiling and turning face to show different angles.


  "I’ve noticed my cheeks and jawline look firmer. It’s like getting salon results at home!"

Part 5: CTA - Call to Action


  Showing the device with a simple background.


  "If you’re looking to up your skincare game, INIA FLARE might just be what you need. It’s got free shipping right now, plus there is a flash deal going on and it only sells for $99 for a limited time. Check it out!"

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