INIA name comes from the genus of South American river dolphins. We are inspired to use technological innovation to give everyone confidence, cleverness, and a chillax lifestyle.

INIA IPL hair removal device makes hair removal easy, with just 10 minutes of whole-body care, giving women a sense of control. No matter when or where, women can always be themselves, love themselves, and live their lives with confidence and wisdom.

Our Mission

Inspiring at-home beauty solution more effective through technology.

Our Technology

Our R&D team conducts clinical experiments on photorejuvenation and light source research. Starting with simple hair removal, we have evolved to reduce skin heat and eliminate pain through our ice-cooling technology. INIA Haute is the innovative culmination of our efforts since its inception. Now, INIA's products allow you to achieve skin clinic-level hair removal at home.

Our R&D Labs

Our R&D labs collaborate with Dr. Amber and Dr. Hendricks from M&M Laboratories. Dr. Amber is the Medical Director of Biogenesis Medical and Wellness Center in Lendrum, South Carolina, while Dr. Hendricks specializes in nutritional biochemistry and epigenetics research.

Together with M&M Labs, we have created Algaclinic Recovery Gel, a high-performance solution for achieving smoother skin after using hair removal devices. By combining the finest algae-based ingredients with innovative expertise, we have developed a product that enhances the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in tighter and smoother skin following your hair removal treatment.