INIA HAUTE Content Playbook

In this playbook, you can explore a variety of example scripts that demonstrate effective strategies for creating engaging video content. 

We are committed to continuously expanding this collection, so bookmark it and come back! 


The Recommended Video Structure

Our experience with over 2,000 partnership videos has helped us identify a successful 5-points structure that should be incorporated regardless of the video template you choose:

    1. The Hook 

    Capture attention within the first 3-6 seconds with a dynamic visual, a startling statement, or a teaser of the transformative results.

    The goal is to prevent viewers from swiping away and to pique their interest immediately. Examples could include a before-and-after snapshot, a rapid montage of user reactions, or a bold claim about the product’s capabilities.

    2. The Context

    Set the stage by providing a relatable scenario that highlights a common problem or need that the product addresses. Avoid starting with direct product promotion. Instead, focus on a story or an issue that potential users face which leads naturally into the introduction of the product.

    For instance, depict a day in the life of your struggling with traditional hair removal methods before you discover INIA HAUTE.

    3. Body - Selling Points

    Select the most relevant selling point that aligns with the context provided. Focus on just one major feature to keep the message clear and impactful. Choices could include:

    • A. Sapphire Ice-Cooling System: Describe how this feature allows for pain-free use, contrasting it with the discomfort of other methods.
    • B. Unmatched 21J Energy: Explain how this high energy output ensures superior effectiveness in hair removal.
    • C. Cost-Effectiveness: Compare the price advantage over similar, more expensive options, highlighting the savings.

    We've a more detailed version in the INIA HAUTE Selling Points for Your Reference section, at the end of this playbook. Feel free to take a look!

    4. Effectiveness Showcasing

    Incorporate authentic proof of the product's effectiveness. This can include before-and-after images, chronological video clips of the treatment area, or personal testimonials that reinforce the message "it really works!"

    This segment is crucial for building trust and credibility with your audience, thereby boosting sales.

    5. CTA - Call to Action

    End with a compelling call to action that encourages immediate purchase:

    • Direct viewers to the clickable product link located at the bottom left of the screen.
    • Emphasize promotional offers such as
      • a limited-time price of $149,
      • free shipping options available through TikTok, and
      • a 30-day money-back guarantee if no effects are observed.
    • Use persuasive language to reinforce the urgency and benefits of making a purchase now.


    Now that you are familiar with the structure of our successful videos, let's explore some specific script examples that exemplify how to effectively apply this framework.

    Below, you'll find carefully crafted templates that serve as inspiration for all or parts of the segments of your video.

    The Example Script Templates

    You are encouraged to adapt the language and order of presentation to fit your style.

    1. "Scenario-Need" Videos

    Often the initial video type for new creators working with INIA HAUTE, these videos use relatable scenarios to organically highlight the need for hair removal, making the promotion of the device selling points feel more authentic and less sales-y.


    2. Hair Removal Method Comparison Videos

    Targeting viewers already familiar with hair removal, these videos don’t need to convince the audience of the need for hair removal but rather why INIA HAUTE is a superior method compared to others like shaving or clinic visits.


    3. IPL Device Comparison Videos

    Aimed at a more informed audience considering various at-home laser devices, these videos position INIA HAUTE's unique features as the decisive factors for purchase.


    4. Effectiveness Testimony Videos

    Typically follow-up videos that show real results of using INIA HAUTE over time, utilizing before-and-after footage to verify the product's effectiveness.


    5. Gift Choice Videos

    These are not about usage but the appeal of INIA HAUTE as a valuable gift, emphasizing the product's desirability and the lasting impression it will make on the recipient.


    6. Other Themes

    Explore beyond the conventional with your content. If delving into the scientific principles behind our technology excites you, or if crafting a short drama to showcase the product fits your creative vision, we encourage you to innovate and captivate in your own unique way!


    Other Shooting Tips


    INIA (/ˈɪniə/)       HAUTE(/oːt/, "oht")


    Product Link

    INIA HAUTE IPL At-Home Laser Hair Removal Product



    Incorporate the following hashtags in your video captions:

    #INIA #INIAhairemoval #hairremovaldevice #HairFreeSeasonINIA #summervibeINIA



    Ensure the inclusion of the @inia.usa mention to maximize visibility.


    Skin/Hair Color Safety Chart


    INIA HAUTE Selling Points for Your Reference

  • Ultra Sapphire Ice-Cooling Below 60°F:
  • Experience a refreshing icy sensation with INIA's advanced Sapphire Ice Cooling. While others offer 105°F or normal ice-cooling at 67°F, INIA maintains a cool 60°F for ultimate comfort. Guarding your skin against heat injury while delivering the ultimate in comfort and effectiveness.

    • Example 1 for Sapphire Ice-Cooling: 1:44 on this video -


  • Double-Pulse, Twice the Effectiveness 
  • Every click of INIA HAUTE triggers a rapid one-two punch of energy. It's not just about heating your skin twice; it's a clever play on the different cooling speeds of your skin tissues and hair follicles.

    Picture your skin as a mix of various tissues, each with its unique cooling speed. Now, hair follicles take a bit more time to cool down. Here's where the magic happens – we swiftly heat up your skin and, at that precise moment, deliver a second burst of heat. It's like playing a strategic game of temperature tag.

    This meticulous process guarantees your skin stays safe while we dial up the heat on those follicles. We're talking about putting your hair follicles into a kind of early sleep mode. The outcome? A remarkable reduction in hair growth becomes visible in just 3 weeks. All of this is made possible by the potent 21J of energy from the INIA IPL IGBT chip, ensuring not just effectiveness but safety too.


  • Industry Record 5 Flashes per Second:
  • Say farewell to time-consuming hair removal. INIA HAUTE offers rapid 5 flashes per second technology with an Auto-Glide mode for effortless full-body treatment, minimizing missed spots. Choose from 5 intensity levels to tackle even the most stubborn hair.


  • Safe Use at Home:
  • INIA HAUTE undergoes rigorous testing and holds prestigious safety certifications, providing you with peace of mind as you enjoy salon-quality hair removal in the comfort of your own home.


  • Lifetime Flash Guarantee:
  • Receive free replacement handsets if you ever run out of flashes. Enjoy a 1-year warranty, extendable to 2 years upon registration, and free replacements provided within the warranty period.


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