INIA FOND - Example Script #2.1: Comparing to Traditional Ways

Showcase the benefits of INIA FOND over traditional methods like shaving and waxing.


  • The creator looking frustrated while using a razor, with close-ups on skin irritation and ingrown hairs;
  • The creator wincing in pain while using wax strips, followed by shots of the damaged skin;
  • A smooth transition to using INIA FOND, highlighting the ease and comfort of the experience.

Script Components:

  • Introduction: "I've always used a razor for quick fixes or turned to waxing for longer-lasting results..."
  • Problem Identification: "But honestly, shaving often left me with ingrown hairs and just took up too much of my time, while waxing was just too painful and rough on my skin."
  • Comparison: "Fed up with the hassle and discomfort, I finally tried an at-home laser. I ended up with INIA FOND, and what a difference it's made. It’s way better—no irritation, no discomfort, and it’s super quick. Sessions that once nearly took 20 minutes now only take a few minutes, and I'm done without any fuss."
  • Call to Action: "Forget the daily shave and painful waxing. Switch to INIA FOND for a smoother, quicker, and more comfortable hair removal experience!"

Example Videos:


Other Shooting Tips


INIA (/ˈɪniə/)    FOND(/fɒnd/)

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Incorporate the following hashtags in your video captions:
#INIA #INIAhairemoval #hairremovaldevice #HairFreeSeasonINIA #summervibeINIA


Ensure the inclusion of the  @inia_official mention to maximize visibility.

Skin/Hair Color Safety Chart

INIA FOND Selling Points for Your Reference

Point 1: Follicle level long-term hair removal. ("Hair root elimination")

  •     High energy output: Broad spectrum pulsed light, 16.5J energy.
  •     Deep light penetration: Wavelength range of 530-1200nm, reaching follicles up to 3mm below the dermis.

Point 2: Tailored effectiveness for different body areas.

  •     Specifically designed for bikini area: Unique Bikini mode, compact design for effective bikini-line hair removal.
  •     Multiple modes: Body, Face, and Bikini modes, each with 5 energy levels for customizable intensity.

Point 3: Efficient full-body hair removal in 12 minutes.

  •     1.2 seconds rapid light emission technology.
  •     Auto Mode: Seamless, click-free flashing makes it super easy to cover larger sections of the skin.

Point 4: Safe and reliable at-home hair removal solution.

  • FDA cleared, with RoHS certifications.
  • Unlimited flash times.
  • Reliable durability:
    • 100,000 cable insertions and button usage tests.
    • 1m device drop test.
    • Comprehensive surface corrosion resistance tests.

Point 5: Lifetime Flash Guarantee:

  • Receive free replacement handsets if you ever run out of flashes.
  • Enjoy a 1-year warranty, extendable to 2 years upon registration, and free replacements provided within the warranty period.

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