INIA FOND Content Brief for Alle

Brand Information

INIA, founded in US in 2021, and have become one of the top sellers on TikTok since 2022.

INIA is an innovative technology company focusing on beauty and personal care products. We are committed to bringing confidence, intelligence, and an easy lifestyle to everyone through technological innovation.


Content Brief and Guideline

1. Objective

Highlight the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of INIA FOND compared to clinical treatments.


2. Key Messages
  • Effective & Budget-Friendly
      INIA FOND is TikTok's #1 best-selling at-home laser hair removal device. It offers a highly effective and affordable solution for hair removal.
  • Clinic Technology Comparison
      INIA FOND uses the same advanced technology found in beauty clinics and is FDA-cleared. It delivers professional results at a fraction of the cost, all from the comfort of your home.

    3. Suggested Video Structure

    1. [Nice to Have] Opening / Hook: Start with a quick, dramatic 2-3 second clip to immediately capture attention.
    2. [Nice to Have] Context / Scenario: Display a clinic price list next to the cost of INIA FOND; calculate the full cost of clinic treatments to highlight the cost savings.
    3. [Must Have] Selling Points: Detail INIA FOND’s key features, focusing on its high efficiency and user-friendly design for home use.
    4. [Must Have] Effectiveness showcasing: Show footage of different body areas before and after use, demonstrating the significant reduction in hair regrowth.
    5. [Must Have] Call to Action: Clearly encourage viewers to purchase now by highlighting the savings and convenience of using INIA FOND.


    4. Example for Opening & Hook

      A Possible Visual for the Opening
      Quick display of before-and-after results.
      Possible Script
      "Check out these amazing transformations! Just look at the difference in just a few weeks."


      5. Example for Context

      A Possible Visual for the Context
      • Display a clinic price list alongside the cost of INIA FOND;
      • Calculating the full cost of clinic treatments.
      Possible Script

      "I used to depend on costly clinic sessions for hair removal...But the high costs and hassle were too much. That’s when I switched to INIA FOND, the best-selling hair removal device on TikTok."


      6. Example for Selling Points

      Below we outline INIA FOND’s major selling points. Please adapt the wording to suit your style, ensuring to communicate that:

      1. INIA FOND’s technology is as effective as clinic-based treatments.
      2. Regular touch-ups are necessary for maintaining results, making INIA FOND an ideal at-home solution.
      • INIA FOND utilizes advanced IPL technology with a potent 16.5J energy level, similar to laser devices found in professional clinics. This technology converts light into heat, effectively placing hair follicles into a dormant state and significantly reducing hair regrowth.

      • Because laser treatments don’t permanently remove hair, maintaining results is crucial. INIA FOND enables easy monthly touch-ups to keep follicles dormant and your skin smooth from the comfort of your home, providing a hassle-free solution for continuous care.

      • Tailored effectiveness for different body areas: INIA FOND is uniquely designed to cater to the specific needs of various body parts.

        • Specifically designed for the bikini area: Features a unique Bikini mode and a compact design that makes bikini-line hair removal effective and precise.

        • Multiple modes for versatility: Includes Body, Face, and Bikini modes, each with 5 adjustable energy levels, allowing users to customize the intensity to suit their comfort level and specific needs.

      7. Example for Effectiveness Showcasing

      • Visuals: Footage of different body areas showing varying hair densities before and after use.
      • Suggested Script: "Look at these results! From my legs to my armpits, see how INIA FOND reduces hair growth effectively."

      8. Example for Call-to-Action

      • Right now, take advantage of their flash deal and get INIA FOND for only $79, down from the regular price of $149. With additional coupons, you could even lower the price to $69.
      • Plus, enjoy free shipping covered by TikTok!
      • And remember, INIA FOND comes with a 30-day no-effect money-back guarantee. If you don’t see the results you want within 30 days, you can return it for a full refund. It’s like getting a free trial!
      • Order now and start your journey to smoother, hair-free skin with no risk!

      Other Information

      • Pronunciations
      INIA (/ˈɪniə/) FOND(/fɒnd/)

      • Product Link
      •  Price
      Final Price: $79.99 Original Price: $149.99 Discount: $70 OFF
      •  Hashtags
      Incorporate the following hashtags in your video captions:
      #INIA #INIAhairemoval #hairremovaldevice #HairFreeSeasonINIA #summervibeINIA
      • Mentions
      Ensure the inclusion of the @inia__official mention to maximize visibility.
      • Product Description
      INIA FOND Hair Removal Product is a revolutionary hair removal solution designed for easy, and long-lasting results. It uses advanced IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, same as the clinic laser, to remove hair from the root, ensuring smooth and hair-free skin for weeks. Suitable for use on various body parts including legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, and face.
      • Skin/Hair Color Safety Chart


      INIA FOND Selling Points and Suggested Narratives For Your Reference:

      Point 1 Follicle level long-term hair removal. ("Hair root elimination")

      • High energy output: Broad spectrum pulsed light, 16.5J energy.     
      • Deep light penetration: Wavelength range of 530-1200nm, reaching follicles up to 3mm below the dermis.

      Point 2: Tailored effectiveness for different body areas.

      •  Specifically designed for bikini area: Unique Bikini mode, compact design for effective bikini-line hair removal.

      • Multiple modes: Body, Face, and Bikini modes, each with 5 energy levels for customizable intensity.

      Point 3:  Efficient full-body hair removal in 12 minutes.

      • 1.2 seconds rapid light emission technology.
      • Auto Mode: Seamless, click-free flashing makes it super easy to cover larger sections of the skin.

      Point 4:  Safe and reliable at-home hair removal solution.

      • FDA cleared, with RoHS certifications.

      • Unlimited flash times.

      • Reliable durability:

        • 100,000 cable insertions and button usage tests.

        • 1m device drop test.

        • Comprehensive surface corrosion resistance tests.

      Point 5: Lifetime  Flash Guarantee 

      • Receive free replacement handsets if you ever run out of flashes. Enjoy a 1-year warranty, extendable to 2 years upon registration, and free replacements provided within the warranty period. 

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